Before married sex / teen sex !!??

It’s been 2 week since I last posted in my blog, I went to do some business and unfortunately the place that I visited didn’t have internet connection, geez. 

In the past decades up to now, I see that before married sex and teen sex practices are growing more and more in uncontrollable rate. These practices happen the most in the high school through university, and some even experience their first time sex in the junior high. This is very very ironic since most teenagers do it because of their friends invite them or their friends tell them to do it, because sex is fun, make them look cool, and giving them pleasure. And what’s more ironic is, some teenager even proudly talking that they have sex with this and that guy or girl. We know that as adult that all of those are completely wrong, and the consequences are really heavy, especially for women or girl.

I want to discuss why girl shouldn’t do before married sex or teen sex and what are the impacts. First girls have huge disadvantages, because as you know when you have sex “accident” may happen, like the girl will end up pregnant. When this happen, people will stay away from you and you will have no future, your fate is sealed, and guess what, you just destroyed your future by yourself. Next, maybe some of you will think, no way, my boyfriend is a responsible man, or etc etc. You know, the fact is that when you are pregnant your boyfriend most likely will leave you, or even never look at you again!! Because he knows that if he didn’t cut his relationship with you, he will have no future too. And you can see the life of teen moms in television program, some channels have it, and think, is that the life you want to have while your ex boyfriend leave you and have fun with other girls. I’m sure some of you think, “hey I’m safe, my boyfriend always use condom while doing it” or something like that, but even though you have done everything to prevent it, accident can always happen (that’s why they call it accident). Is it really worth it to have sex for a moment of pleasure then you have to carry the burden in your entire life? If you’re a sane person, then you should have NO as an answer. 

Another reason why girls should not do teen sex or before married sex is because if girls do it, then what is the difference between those girls and whores (sorry for the rude word)!!?? And there’s even some girls that proudly talk about how many times she already has sex with other people. Whores do it, and she get money for it, but those teenage girls do it, and don’t get anything at all, doesn’t that worse than whores? If they think the reason is love, and then it’s wrong, you know, love composed of some elements, and some of those elements are patience, endurance, and compassion. So if your guy really love you or your true love, I’m 100% sure that he will have no problem to wait to have sex with you until you are married to each other, because love enable him to have the patience to wait, the endurance to hold his lust, and the compassion to understand you. And on the contrary, if your guy only want to have sex with you and if you don’t fulfill his request he break up with you, then so be it, because that man didn’t love you, he only lust for you or your body. And as you can see that girl who given in to have sex with a guy, usually doesn’t last long, because after the guy bored and his lust fulfilled, then he will lust for other girl. And even most of the time that guy will think of the girls that he has sex with as a trophy, to show that he is great. Is this what you girls want? 

The same goes for boys, if you admit that you love someone, then don’t have sex with her until you married, because you will destroy her entire life. And if the girl is the one who ask you to have sex with her then break up with her, because that means that she already done it before with other guys or even if she has not, and you make her as your wife in the future, then she will likely cheated on you. 

Before married sex and teen sex are also one of the factor that affecting the high divorce rate, because when problems come in the family, or when husband and wives fighting, they will think “hey I’ve done it before, and why don’t it again now, there’s no difference”. And so on and on and on.

So people, think carefully before you do before married sex or teen sex!! Think about the consequences, think clearly don’t be blinded by lust and control yourself. Both man and woman responsible to prevent this from happen.

If you found my writing is useful, please let other people read it or know it. Let make this world a better place. :D

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman