Economic Crisis: bad for business BUT very good for environment and your health

Economic crisis is still happening despite all of the experts and analysts said that we passed the bottom. On the bright side, people are beginning to get their sense back, and economic crisis give a lot greater impact compared to all of green campaigns that have been done all this time.

Maybe you say how do I know? Lately I’ve been watching people around my neighborhood to change. Maybe they don’t realize it that their lifestyle now is very good for environment and their health, since their original motive is to save money.

Things that I see people start to walk or use bicycle to the train or bus station, rather than to use their private car like before, and I saw few weeks ago my neighbor exchanged their 5.7litres SUV with compact sedan, which has much much better mileage. So if millions of people doing like this, then you can count by yourself how many carbon that have been saved, moreover walking or cycling make you move your bodies and burn calories, as a result you become healthier.

Another trend that happening is now people stop window shopping or stop buying something that people actually don’t need. This is very good for environment, so there is less waste or garbage and since less people buy unimportant things then it mean no more wasting resources to create that product. Also people are starting to raise the temperature of their air conditioner few degrees in summer and this mean we have saved a lot of electricity.

People now also more keen in food problem. Before, people often eat in restaurant or fast food chain, since it’s easier and simpler. Now, I see people are starting to eat at home and prepare food from home to save money. This is very good for your health because you can control your calories intake and its more hygiene. From what I see, most of people eat more vegetables and less meat when eat at home or prepare food from home, and again this is good for your health, and also good for your environment. Meat animals actually produce a lot of carbon, one of the research show that one cow produce carbon more than several cars.

Because of this economic crisis we have sacrificed some of our conveniences, but do you feel it that we slowly are starting to adapt with it, and it’s not as hard as we have imagined before since we are getting used to. And as a bonus we are helping our environment and also we get healthier.

Maybe all of this are a warning that the world has given to us to get back to our senses, to appreciate more our bodies and nature.

So let keep it this way, good for nature, good for our health, and soon, I’m sure, economy will get better too.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

Helping people that you don't know??

Yesterday I read the news and shocked a little when seeing Hope for Haiti telethon able to raise US$57mil in economy condition like this. There are so many people around the world who care for what happen in Haiti and that is really great, helping other people in need.
But what become my question when people that willing to other people that they don’t know about, is do people help other people who are in need around them? 

I have seen a lot of people who are like to donate when there is disaster happening, but on the other side they don’t care about those in need in their neighborhood or even in their own family. It’s really great that you care about what happen with people that you don’t even know, so if you’re able to do that then why don’t you help people around you who are in need, you can start at first from people who are close with you.

I’ve seen a lot family who able to donate large sum of money but they are not in harmony, fights happen between husband and wife or parents with children. My point is if you have that great affection to those people who you don’t know anything about, then why you don’t give your affection first to your family, to your closest one. After that you can start to care people in need in your neighborhood, like those beggars and people who don’t have anything. There are always people who are in need that around you, but it is your choice whether you want to look it or not. 

Please don’t become a hypocrite person, who always put a smile mask in front but deep down inside all you got is rotten heart.
So help as many people as you can, to make this world a better place.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

You Are Who You Are

Another week has passed in 2010, and lots of things have happened. From unending bankruptcy report, waves of people who were laid off, and earthquake that happened in Haiti. Everyday looks worse than before, everything becomes uncertain and spins out of control, but remember everything will be over and all the hardships that we experience today will be like a dream for tomorrow. Keep looking up, never give up, and always look from positive side.

First I want to say my condolences on what happened in Haiti, let’s give a moment to pray for what happened there and may people at Haiti can be given the strength to face all of this. And may this disaster can make us realize how fortunate we are, and give us another reason to give thanks to HIM.

This week in the office when I was enjoying some romantic songs, a coworker of mine stopped by my room and said harshly that I’m sissy, because real man should hear rock or heavy metal music, not some soft music. It comes to my mind how many times I already experienced things like this, and I’m sure all of you also have experienced things like this more than once.

Situation like this happen the most at senior or university age based on my experience. In my experience they usually ask you to smoke cigarette or worse weeds, free sex, use drugs, or speeding. When other people try to make you to like or do something and you don’t do it or like it they will call you coward, sissy, or other rude things. But for me, people who are calling other person coward, sissy, etc like that are actually the one who is sissy, coward, or etc just like what they said.

People, who can resist, say no to all of that, and stay true to themselves, are actually the real great people. The reasons are simple. First, when you say no, you are proving that you are strong enough to be yourself, not what other people tell you, and not to lose your identity, on the contrary the one who are weak actually is them because they can’t resist, and easily swayed. Remember, great people in the world don’t do what other people said, but they tell other people what to do. Second, usually people who force you are always in a group or member of a group, it shows that they’re actually insecure, afraid to be left or alone, and worse they are nothing as an individual, but you, who resist, you show that you’re far better than them, you have a strong heart. And the last, people who can resist will become a successful person or a leader and on the contrary people who can always follow other people will be at the bottom forever.


Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

Persevere In Everything You Do...

Time flies so fast, now the first week in 2010 has passed. I hope all of you have joy and pleasant experiences in this first week of 2010. :D

Yesterday I met another friend of mine who I've never met for a long time. We talked quite a lot, and to my surprise, he has view or way of thinking that is unthinkable for me at first. He said that he always hate God for giving him such a hard life, and how he never get a chance to do something big, something grand and great so he can be rich and famous. To me his way of thinking is quite unique, or alien, but after I'm thinking for a little bit, analyzing my past experiences with people, I realize that maybe there are a lot of people out there who have the same view with this friend of mine. So after hearing on what he said, I talked and discussed my view with him, because I think that his view is not giving good influence for his life and I hope I can convince him to change or at least alter his view, for his own good. I also hope my view also can help other people especially the readers of my blog who have the same view with this friend of mine.

For me this kind of view is kind of unacceptable. First he should not blaming God for what happen in his life or not giving him chance, because from what I see, this kind way of thinking will get him nowhere on the contrary it will only make him too obsessed, focused on looking easy way to get rich and famous, so he becomes reluctant to do hard job or real job and doesn't do whole heartedly what he is supposed to do. This is not right, from what I think, rather than wasting his time waiting or waiting for chances to come to him, it's better for him to do his job or his obligation whole heartedly, because this way he made a progress in his life and who knows in the way of this he find the chance that he is looking for. Because the bible said :

Matthew 25
21"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'

So don't ever give up, just like the bible had said, we need to persevere in everything we do, even though it's only small or minor things, and if we persevere we can be given bigger thing to do. You can see that every success person especially people who are in the richest men list in the world, always persevere in what they did, it's nothing sort of they got the money from lottery or nowhere. You can see Warren Buffet who work and trade since very early age, or Bill Gates who persevere in researching what we called today as computers and still countless examples of great person who persevere in what they do so they become great person. Also I want to give you another quote from the bible that is very important for you to think.

Matthew 25
26"His master replied, 'You wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? 27Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.
28" 'Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. 29For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. 30And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'

So, now it's up to you to decide on what you going to do, whether waiting for chance to come to yourself, dwell in your dream to get rich and famous, or get up, do something and persevere in whatever you do.

Best Regard
Sleeping Wiseman

Happy New Year 2010!! Life is just like a firework...

I hope all of you have made good resolutions for 2010. CHEERS

Yesterday at New Year’s Eve I watched fireworks, and I’m sure most of you also watch it live or by TV or internet etc, no matter where you are. I always fascinated by the fireworks display, especially the big fireworks, and I came to think of it that actually our lives are just like a firework.

You know, there are many kinds of fireworks, there are small fireworks that fly low and pop really small explosion, and there are few big fireworks that fly really high and explode majestically, drawing all attention to it until everyone says “woow” conscious or unconsciously.

Human lives are also pretty much the same, mostly all of us are just like a small or medium fireworks that fly not so high and explode just the same like other fireworks. Our lives are very short and before we realize it, we already don’t have much time to do a lot of things or our dreams anymore, like fireworks that fly up unstoppable, our lives are also unstoppable, we cannot defy time. And what’s more important is what we have done in our live, like the fireworks, is it great enough to be like the majestic firework that draws all attention to it and say “wow”, or just like a cheap firework that fly low, explode pathetically, and nobody cares or even look at it? 

Human only have one life, it cannot be repeated, no matter what you have done, everything will still go forth. So now is the time, it’s up to you to decide, what you want your life would be, either become a great a firework that awed everyone or become a pathetic firework! If you want become a great firework, first thing you can do is make a great targets and resolutions for this year, remember everything is possible, so don’t afraid to put a great things in your targets or resolutions list. Second, do everything you can, give 1000% of yourself to reach your targets, because there’s no time for slacking off, and as I said, we cannot repeat time, so I don’t want to see you regretting things in your old age. And the last is don’t ever lose hope no matter what happens, because, once again, everything is possible.


Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman