Matter of Bullying

Today I'm gonna talk about bullying, because I concerned with recent news about bullying and I think at some certain point (especially at young age), everybody has experienced / is experiencing / will experience bully, whether became bullier or the one who is being bullied. Recently I read some disturbing news that bullying rate is increasing and even caused students to suicide. For me this is indirect killing and the bulliers are killers. This is very horrifying and also sad on the other side. What's more is that this bullying happened in the school and university, place where people supposed to learn and to be taught knowledge and good morals, so they can be good person in their future life, not become killers. I even read that some schools even turned blindeye to the bullying that happened inside their schools, no wonder now the streets are filled with criminals.

First, people need to learn that everyone is equal status and should not be differentiated because of their race, gender, origin, preference, economy status, skin color, accent, physical status (i.e. disability) or anything else. Everyone is created equal. People usually bully other people because this other people are not the same as them or have something different from them. It can be seen from the cases that are published in the news. Like the girl that are being bullied because her weird accent, or the boy that are gay. Yes it's true they are different, but that doesn't give you the right to judge them and bully them. What's worse is the bulliers usually think themselves are better or superior than the one who being bullied. They're wrong! Both the bulliers and bullied are human, they are the same being and every human is equal, the one who is superior than human is only GOD.

Second, the bulliers need to reflect on themselves. What makes them think they’re right and the one being bullied wrong? Are bulliers are perfect human or sinless human? No. Most of the times bulliers are popular boys or girls in the school and they think they’re great. Yes, maybe at that time you’re great, young, and people like you, but let me tell you, once you got out from university you’re nothing. And who knows that the one who you bullied might become your boss someday and get you back. I’ve seen many bulliers from my time become just regular employees, and when their boss mad at them they can’t do anything, just hanging their head. Or some other bulliers that don’t want to work, they become gangsters and end up in jail or die pointlessly. And at that time you’ll realize you’re not great.

Third, most bulliers think that bullying is cool, funny and it can make other students respect them. It’s really stupid. They don’t realize that they actually ruining someone else life and killing them and it’s ridiculous they’re taking it easy. As you can see in the first story in the news link above, the bulliers are actually laughing when they see the dead body of person they bullied. I’m speechless. They actually the one who killed it and they laugh. Where’s their moral? For me, I see them as cold heartless killer. They should be ashamed. Let me tell you ruining people’s life and killing them is not cool, believe it or not you’ll get the payback in the future, in the times you don’t really expect.

Fourth, I want the bulliers think what if it's like to be the one who are being bullied. The bulliers need to feel what's it's like to be on the shoes of the one who is being bullied. Do they want to be treated or bullied like that if they were them? If they answer no, then why do it to other people. "Do to other people as you want them do unto you" that's the golden rule. And what's more, most of the bulliers actually weaker, insecure and more susceptible than the one who are being bullied, and they didn't realize it, until they get bullied by other people. So please, before bully other people, think what if you're the one in their position.

So I have few tips for people who are being bullied :

1. Whatever they do to you, you should keep happy! Just ignore them. I know it’s hard, but if you sad, crying, fear, or scared it’s only make them happy. If you ignore them, eventually they’ll get bored with you and leave you. Remember, just keep happy even they’re throwing food at your face or spit you, as long you are not harmed, ignore it, and keep a smile on your face.

2. Make friends with other people who are being bullied, the more people the better. Because if things get to rough you can fight them back or at last your friends can call the teacher or the one in charge to help you and protect you.

3. Tell people or institution in charge that you’re being bullied. The first one should be your schools and parents, because they’re the one who are close to you. Second, if you live in US you can visit, if you live in other country you can seek institution like this or go to the police if things get worse, they’ll help you. Third, you can seek help to your religion place, like church, I’m sure they’ll help you. And don’t be shy to tell them why people bullied you, it’s better for you to live than die pointlessly and make people who really love you sad.

4. DON’T EVER THINK DEATH IS THE WAY OUT! Whatever happened, don’t think to kill yourself. Live is better than die. Just hang on with the bullying, once you’re out from high school or university, you’re free! Think what the future has in store for you, maybe you’ll be able to reach your dream.

5. ALWAYS THINK OF YOUR DREAM OR LOVED ONE. Just focus on that, tell yourself you will endure this for the sake of your dream or loved one. This will give you extra strength and courage.

6. Don’t let hatred and vengeance stay in your heart. Because you’ll become like them if you keep hatred and vengeance in your heart and you’ll never find happiness in your life. Learn to forgive and mercy.

7. The last and yet the most important. Don’t forget to PRAY. No matter what your religion is, PRAY to your GOD. I’m sure your God never leave you and always be there to help you if you pray.

2 Thessalonians 1:6-7a

6God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you 7and give relief to you who are troubled, and to us as well.
I hope my writings help you. And I really do hope you can share this writing with bulliers or people that being bullied, to change their live, help them and make them better.

As usual, you can share your experience or anything in the comment section below.

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Let’s make this world a better place to live, together we can do it.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman