HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 !!! 

Another year gone by and before we realize it, it’s already 2011. Have you made your resolution for new year?

Most people usually make a new resolution for New Year, a promise to self to change something in our life. But unfortunately in the course of the year, we tend to ‘neglect’ or even completely forget the resolution that we made. So now I want to share on how I make resolutions for new year and how to keep and fulfill that resolution until the end of the year. I hope this will be useful for you too. :)

First of all, I always make a specific and clear resolution, like for example : I want to stop my drinking habit completely. Because for me obscure resolution, like : I want to be a better person next year, is too broad and too confusing. With resolution like that, I will have a hard time to find where I should begin with to make myself a better person and how’s that exactly better mean anyway, in financial or family or what, and in the end it will make me lose my spirit or forget to fulfill my resolution. Compared to specific resolution like the first example. With that kind of resolution I know what I need to do and how I’m going to do it.

Second, I always make a down to earth resolution. I personally don’t like to make a resolution that is unreachable, like : I will have 1 billion dollar by the end of year. It’s true nothing is impossible, but what are the chances for me to be able to fulfill it? Very very small. What’s the point then? Sometimes for me some things that are too big are not always good, and one of those goes for resolution. Why don’t I keep with something simple, yet meaningful and reachable, so when the year’s end I can look back and say I fulfilled my resolution.

Third, I always decide what I want or wish to change by thinking back what was the thing that struck me the most or the most memorable thing in this year. Why it should be the thing that struck me the most? Well, there are several reasons. The first reason is because the important part is I don’t want to forget my resolution, if I forget it then how the heck I’m going to fulfill it, and by making resolution based on that I will be able to remember my resolution all year long. I know for sure I will not easily forget the things what struck me the most, I will be remember it for a long time. So whenever I remembered about that thing, my resolution will also pop up in my head at the same time, so it’s kind like of constant reminder, this way I can always remember the resolution I made until the end of year. The second reason is because it will give me additional motivation and reason to fulfill my resolution. For me personally, if a thing that was really struck me (especially in a bad way) then I will try as hard and as much as I can to change it because I don’t want that thing ever happen to me again.

The last, I always relate and tell my resolution to people that I love or close to me, like my family and friends. By relating my resolution to them, it gives me a huge motivation and reason to fulfill my resolution, because with this I think I don’t fulfill this resolution just for my personal accomplishment but rather for their sake too. Whenever I see them, I will remember my resolution. And by telling them my resolution, they can remind me if I still forget my resolution unconsciously somehow or if I stray from my way.

Well, I hope this article can help you.;D

So what is your resolution for this year? Share it in the comments box below. :D

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