Matter of Doing Good Things

Hi, I’m still alive here (some emails asked me if I was dead). It’s been quite a long time since the last time I posted my last blog and I’m very sorry for the late reply for all people who emailed me. I was on vacation with my friends to Alaska and Canada for the last 4 weeks, escaping from the daily life in concrete jungle to enjoy the gift of mother nature. And I’m very grateful that I saw many things that give me inspiration for the future blogs. :D

While I was on my trip, my friends asked me some questions that made me wondering. Some of their questions that made me really wonder were what do I get from doing good thing for other people that I even don’t know? Isn’t this just a waste of time? Don’t I know that whatever I do I cannot change the world become a better place? And why I don’t just write a book or open a consultation place to get extra income, because that would make good thing that I do more worth to do. These questions made me really wonder because is this what most people think or considered before they do good act to other people, that they will good thing if they will get some kind of good payback or profit or money?

Just like I answered to my friends, I want other people know that in my view (Everybody has different view to this and nobody is right or wrong, it’s just a matter of personal sense) doing good thing is definitely not a waste of time, instead it’s the best thing for people to do in their free time rather than like what my friends like to do in their free time like sleeping, or playing some computer games or some other unproductive things which for me that’s the real waste of time.

And what do I get from doing good thing? Nothing if it counts from the material things. But for me, after doing good things I always get a happy feeling like a feeling when people winning a game, sense of accomplishment and also doing good thing can calm and soothe my mind, set back the stress that I got from job or from other bad things happened around me and also give me more confidence. I also asked my friends if they feel the same thing after doing good thing voluntarily, like helping others with their work or some other good things, and they say yes. So basically most people feel happy when doing good things voluntarily, it’s just whether they pay attention to it or not, or whether they decide to kill that feeling or not. And I read some research in the past show that doing good things can make people appear younger, I don’t know if this true or not, but just think this as a bonus if this true. So try doing some good things and prove it yourself. :D

My friends also told me that I cannot change this world no matter what I do because this world is already too corrupted and hopeless. I said to my friend that I don’t try to change this world. I just want to try to make the world a better place to live by doing good things. And this can’t happen if all people are like my friends who thought that the world is hopeless so they choose to not do anything to improve it. You will not know the result before you try it and if you don't start it then who will. No matter how small or rarely people do good things, it will still improve the world. Think about my personal experience, there was a time in the past when I face hard time and there was a person there helping me out, and I was inspired by that person kindness so I do to other people good things too. But that person maybe not even remembered or knows me, but what he did really inspired me. So, good deed is like a disease, it spreads, you maybe think that your good deed that you did today is a small thing for you, but for the people that you helped it might be a huge blessing and made you their inspiration to do good things to other people. The same goes for bad deed too, it spreads, the simple example is bullying, junior got bullied by senior, and when the junior become senior they bully the new junior, it becomes neverend circle. This happen because human naturally have “do what other people do unto you” mindset whether they realized or not. So do good things, to make other do good things too and in the end it will make this world a better place to live. :)

And the last question that was mindboggling for me was why don’t I wrote a book or open a consultation service to get extra income. I said to my friend, why on earth I would do that, my aim is to help people and for personal sense of happiness not for money. Many people who said that they love to help and do good things publicly, but when you in need and come to them, they charged you with money for their help or advices. For me, their purpose is not really to help people but to get money. When you really want to help other people, do it with wholeheartedly and voluntarily, don’t expect anything in return especially money, that’s what I really called helping.

So don’t hesitate to do some good things when you have time. It’s not a matter of how small or big or how many good things you’ve done, but the will and pure intention to do the good things is what matter the most.

I hope my friends’ questions and my answer to their questions can become a reflection for all of us.

And also, if you have any experience how good it feels doing good things, please don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section below. ;D

Best Regards,
Sleeping Wiseman