The world is not all about “Me”

It’s been a while since the last time I posted my blog, because I have a lot of work to do recently. And also I want to say my condolence to the victims of disasters around the world, like flood in Pakistan, earthquakes in China, and many other places, may the victims given patience and endurance to face all of those things.

I also want to introduce a new feature in my blogger, now I’ve provided music player in the right column, so you can hear some music while reading my blog, and I choose soft or slow music so it will not distract your reading. ;D

I often see little kids that act so selfish, childish or insensitive, they don’t think what the condition and situation around them, they want to get all the attention, and when they don’t get or when something don’t go the way they like, they will be angry or crying. Usually, I see it happens when they want to buy a toy and because of something the parents can buy it for them (for example: the parents don’t have enough money) and the kid will hold on to the toy and crying all the way in the department store and ask their parents to buy it, and they don’t understand and don’t want to know why their parent can buy it for them. But hey, it’s normal for kids to do that, and in fact its’ what make them cute, funny and loveable when we tease them.

But what happen if those kinds of habits are carried on up till the adult life? I meet many people in my life and there is always at least one person that is selfish like a kid, whether it’s in high school, university, workplace, family, etc. And when adult people acting so selfish, childish and insensitive like this it’s really annoying and not cute nor lovable at all.

I often see people that only think of pleasing themselves, and don’t care other person condition or what the other person is going through. And most of the times they don’t realize it that their behavior is very rude and annoying until other people dare or care enough to say it directly to them. for example I saw a couple few days ago in a restaurant arguing about the bill, the man asked the woman for them to split the bill into 2 so each of them pay the same amount, then the woman didn’t want to pay because usually the man is the one who paid the bill all this time, but then the man explained that this time he had financial problem because of his work and he need to save it for something, then the woman appeared very angry and yelled something, the she said it’s over and she went out, and the man looked very depressed. I was quite surprised at that time, not by the breaking up, but rather caused by the insensitiveness and childishness of that person. Just because her date was having financial problem and couldn’t pay the dinner she broke up with him. I just wondering didn’t she realize that we are in the middle of financial crisis, and moreover didn’t she think about her date feeling? Even only as a spectator I’m quite annoyed.

Other example that I often see is a boss who is selfish and never thought of their employees. Usually when things don’t go the right way, they start throwing tantrum or harsh words to their employees. Or the most extreme example of selfish is when a person suicide because of simple matters like because they got rejected by their date or because of financial problems. Don’t they think about people who cared about them, or people who depend their life on them and what the burden that he/she give to people around them, who cared and loved them.

People like that need to be reminded or told that their habit is annoying, because as I said, they often didn’t realized that their habit is actually bad and annoying. It’s also for their own goodness and other people. People like this need to learn tolerance and sense of sensitivity, because it’s what we need to have a good social live, to interact with other people. Tolerance is very important in our life, when we tolerate, we also learn to forgive and learn self-control, understanding other people, walk in other people shoes. That’s why people who have experienced many hardships in their life tend to have higher degree of tolerance, that’s because they already felt it before. And those people who are selfish, childish and insensitive usually never really face any hardship in their life.

So please tell and remind everyone you know who are childish, selfish and insensitive to change their habit. And remember their habit can’t change in one night, change needs time, and so keep remind and tell them all the time to change their habit.

If you have any experience with people like this, please share in the comments section.

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Let’s make world a better place to live.

Best Regards,
Sleeping Wiseman

Move on, go forward!!!

I’ve seen a lot of people who spent their time crying, or lamenting, or sulking, or contemplating, or protesting because of what happened to them. Some of them because of losing job, financial problem, and some other because of their loved one die or they just break up, or some other just plain doesn’t satisfy with their life. And eventually some of their friend will tell them to become an optimist person, see the glass with half water in it as half full not half empty. But for me, screw on how they look that glass, rather than telling them to look the glass as half full, I’d told them to get up and fill up that glass until it’s full!

When people get hit by something hard they usually tend to do nothing or even do something negative and useless. They need someone to tell them, to refresh their mind, that crying or lamenting or protesting will not get them anywhere, especially in the case of the death of someone important for them or losing their job, because those acts will not bring the dead to life again or get them back their last job.
They should do something positive, move on with their life, because life and time are very precious so don’t waste it. And I’m sure your loved one, your family and all of good people around you will want you to move on and go forward. Don’t ever give up because of something bad hit you, when you are knocked down, get up and go forward again, no matter how many times it is.

You know what’s better? Try to make that bad experience as a motivation or inspiration for your life to move forward. For example if you lose all of your money, make it a motivation that you will become richer than before and do anything you could, rather than sit and doing nothing but lamenting. Or you can see real example like people whose loved one died because of cancer and they create an organization or make a move to fight cancer so other people will not experience the same loss as them.

Use your life to the fullest as long as you’re still alive, because I’m sure all of us don’t want to find ourselves regretting for what we didn’t do when we have the chance to do it. And remember many great people have experienced heavy blow in their life and yet they can get up and become great people that advancing the world as we know today.

Always get up no matter how many times you’ve been knocked down, and use that as motivation and inspiration to move on, go forward.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman