Matter of Faith

It’s snowing and the weather started to get cold. Christmas tree and “year-end-sale” sign were everywhere. :D

Few days ago when I was driving I saw a big sign board written “You know Christmas is a myth” made by atheist organization or some kind and not too far away I saw another sign board “You know Christmas is NOT a myth” made by Christian organization. A battle between people with faith and people with faith in this jolly season, a little bit ironic. That made me thought, if those atheists really don’t believe in Christmas, then why they even bother to put a big sign board saying Christmas is a myth? Doesn’t that mean they actually care about Christmas and they still thinking about it inside their heart and mind but they just deny it, pathetic. If they really don’t believe in Christmas then they should have forgotten everything about it, not bring it up again and again.

Yesterday I met my friend and he asked me why I still believe in God and how my faith didn’t waver even though there are many findings – according to him - that show God doesn’t exist. He admitted that he slowly started to lose faith in religion.

Well for me, it’s easy. Every religion in this world offers salvation or at least grant for their believers to go to heaven when they die, which I’m sure everybody already know about this. If you have a good life, have done many good things or at least didn’t do anything really bad, then why waste it by become atheist? I mean, if you become a believer of a religion – any religion – then you will have a chance to go to heaven when you die. It’s true some people argue that heaven don’t exist, but who knows!? Is there any conclusive evidence that prove heaven don’t exist? NO. Then why risk it by being atheist? Because you know, when you die and it turns out that heaven exist, you will regret it for eternity and you can’t do a thing to change it. It will be all too late by then.

It’s not that hard to believe. Choose religion that you think suit you, really clicked with you, then open your heart and turn off your pride. Because your pride is the biggest wall that hinder your heart to believe in most of the cases. Because of their pride people think that they know everything, they are the best and nothing is above them, but they’re wrong. And also turn off your logical sense. There’s no need for logic in believing and faith. Remember to believe and to have faith is with your HEART not with your MIND.

Moreover by committing oneself to a religion will make you better person. There will be people that will remind you when you do something wrong, people that can support you when you’re in hardships and many more. Don’t be stubborn, follow your heart, let people say what they want about you, because you know you’re right and you’ll be the one who laugh in the end.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman