Be Grateful

Last week many things happened, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and fraud news. But still no matter what happens we need to be grateful for everyday in our life.

Last week one of my friend talked to me how miserable his life is. He complained that his job sucks, he don’t have enough money to go on vacation, and many more. From what I see, he should feel really grateful, because the fact that he still has a job is a blessing, compared to many other people who got laid off.

Most people always not satisfied with their life, always wanting more but they never spent time to look around, to look how many people are in worse condition than they are. When problems appear in their life, even it’s only a small or trivial problem, people start to blaming other people, blaming their fate, or even blaming God. People should think over and over again before they’re complaining for what happen in their life. Open your eyes, see the world carefully, and you’ll find many people whose life are really miserable, so you’ll realize how puny the problems you’re facing compared to problems that they’re facing. And sometimes problems appear in our life to remind us to be grateful.

Let’s take a look at this example.
Let say, one day the company that you’re worked with give free vacation to their employees to mountain retreat. The company hired 2 buses to take the employees to the mountain retreat. On the way, the first bus tire exploded, and makes the bus going out of control and heading out to steep cliff. Everyone is praying and screaming for help, but miraculously at the edge of the cliff the bus stopped and everyone is save. Moments later, all of the employees in the first bus finally arrived and they are telling how grateful and how blessed they are to the employees in the second bus.

Isn’t it strange? The people in the second bus experienced a hell of situation and they nearly died, but they are feeling grateful that they’re still alive afterward. In the contrary people in the second bus, who didn’t experience any bad situation and having a safe trip, do not feel as grateful as people in the first bus. In my opinion people in the second bus should fell more grateful because they didn’t have any problems. So problems sometimes can remind us to be grateful, because it’s human nature when everything goes smooth and good, we tend to forget to be grateful.
So let’s be grateful for everything happened in our life, like grateful that we have a safe trip to and from our workplace or school, grateful that we still live, and many more. The more you find things and reasons to be grateful, the more beautiful your life could be.

Here’s a really good videos that I see from TV that make me feel really grateful. And I’m sure most of you who read my blog have a life more or less like the boy on the left side of the video, which give another reason to be grateful.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman



I hope you’ll have great easter today. Easter is usually the day to reminisce the death and revival of Christ to redeem our sin. So today I will write about one of the greatest sins that I’m sure every one of us has experienced or still experiencing it now, lust.

I have said many times to young people, especially boy that they shouldn’t watch porn or masturbate, because as every one who already experienced it know, it is really hard to stop from doing it, even sometimes it is impossible for some people. Lot of people think porn and masturbate are easy to control, you can start and stop it whenever they want. Before, I have told my friends that is not possible to control their lust once their start it, they think they can control their lust. As the time goes, their lust grow bigger and bigger, first they only look some magazines or videos that their father have secretly, then they use their computer to browse porn site, after that they secretly subscribed and paid to internet porn site using their pocket money, still not enough, they have sex with their girlfriends, and their lust was keep growing, always want more and it’s impossible for them to live for a week without porn and masturbation. So is this what they meant by saying they can control their lust, because from what I see they cannot control their lust, instead lust is the one who is controlling them, they becomes their slave. And usually people who think they can control their lust fall into deep, they always find justification for their acts. Some of my friends once told me that seeing porn in the magazines, tv and internet is not a sin, because it’s only a group of pixels or ink colors that are arranged to shape a pictures. So are you having this experience or still in the early process? Then keep reading.

Many people think that the habit of watching porn and masturbation that they get from their young age will end when their married or when they are older. It’s WRONG, many married people and adults still cannot stop their porn and habitual habit, if you don’t believe it, ask your older relatives or search the internet. There are many desperate people who want to stop their porn and masturbation habit, because it’s annoying, or a shame to their child and wife, or they want to repent, but alas most of them cannot stop it. And I can make sure that porn and masturbation will give you great problems in the future, especially when you’ve become a great person. Just look on many sex scandals and many other things that famous people have because of their lust. And what do they get in the end, they lost their money, power, trust and even their life.

Less than 10 people out of 1000 people can stop their lust, when they want to. It’s literally like a drugs, once you inject it to your body, you will want more, and when you stop it, it feels like your body and mind screaming from inside. Only the strong willed person able to stop their porn and masturbation habit. And the rest of people can only regret what they did when they were young. Now that you know everything, so why you do things that you will regret later it, you better to stay away from it.

So I strongly suggest to everyone, do not ever try to watch porn or masturbate, even your friends told you how good it is, or even if they force you, because you know that you’ll be the one who laugh in the end.
And for people who are already watch porn and masturbate, here are my few suggestions : stop it immediately, seek help from other people, and do a lot activity that can keep you away from porn and masturbation, and stay away from your computer, because with only few clicks you can open porn site and the devil always there to tempt you. Also don’t tell yourself to stay away from porn or stop masturbate, because you’ll end up thinking more about them, just forget them by doing other things you like. And if you’re already freed, don’t ever try to do it again, because it will make all the effort you done worthless.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman