Happy New Year 2010!! Life is just like a firework...

I hope all of you have made good resolutions for 2010. CHEERS

Yesterday at New Year’s Eve I watched fireworks, and I’m sure most of you also watch it live or by TV or internet etc, no matter where you are. I always fascinated by the fireworks display, especially the big fireworks, and I came to think of it that actually our lives are just like a firework.

You know, there are many kinds of fireworks, there are small fireworks that fly low and pop really small explosion, and there are few big fireworks that fly really high and explode majestically, drawing all attention to it until everyone says “woow” conscious or unconsciously.

Human lives are also pretty much the same, mostly all of us are just like a small or medium fireworks that fly not so high and explode just the same like other fireworks. Our lives are very short and before we realize it, we already don’t have much time to do a lot of things or our dreams anymore, like fireworks that fly up unstoppable, our lives are also unstoppable, we cannot defy time. And what’s more important is what we have done in our live, like the fireworks, is it great enough to be like the majestic firework that draws all attention to it and say “wow”, or just like a cheap firework that fly low, explode pathetically, and nobody cares or even look at it? 

Human only have one life, it cannot be repeated, no matter what you have done, everything will still go forth. So now is the time, it’s up to you to decide, what you want your life would be, either become a great a firework that awed everyone or become a pathetic firework! If you want become a great firework, first thing you can do is make a great targets and resolutions for this year, remember everything is possible, so don’t afraid to put a great things in your targets or resolutions list. Second, do everything you can, give 1000% of yourself to reach your targets, because there’s no time for slacking off, and as I said, we cannot repeat time, so I don’t want to see you regretting things in your old age. And the last is don’t ever lose hope no matter what happens, because, once again, everything is possible.


Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman