Anger and Hatred

In my life, I’ve met many people that have issue in anger and hatred management. Most of them do not have a happy life and even there are some who blinded by their anger and hatred and in the end make them lose everything dear to them. In my opinion anger and hatred are useless act, it doesn’t give any benefit, on the contrary it always give us problems, problems with people around us, problems with our things, and many more.

Few days ago my friend came to me and he said that he and his wife now are fighting each other again ( I think most couples / families have experienced this ) because of some silly matters, at first his wife forgot to do something and my friend are very furious , since he’s highly emotional or temperamental. That day they fought and my friend, because he’s too angry, he throw a very harsh word to his wife, and as matter of fact, woman are more sensitive than man, so his wife heart is hurt. Since that day, both of them are not as good as before again. What came to my mind are their children, so I came to his house and asked their children how they feel. Unsurprisingly, both of his children (they’re both teens) said that they actually depressed too, and didn’t know they must side with whom. They also said that they prefer to hangout with their friends up till night, because they hate to be at home, experiencing unpleasant situation. Then I asked more, do you still like your parents, and they said they still admire them as their parents but not love them, and actually they said they want to get out from their home as quickly as possible. Next, I let my friend and his wife know about their children feelings, and suggested them to discuss thing each other, to clear the problem. Fortunately they able to reconcile in the end.

Last week, I also met my relatives and she told me that she really hate her neighbor, every time she saw him, she feels like she wanted to kill him, because her neighbor always annoy her, from throwing garbage to her lawn, breaking the fence, and many more. So I asked her whether her neighbor know that she hate him, and she said no. and I asked her, about how that hate change her life, and she said that she become emotional every time she saw him, then she mad and cursing him from her heart, also sometimes at night she can’t sleep when she remembered him.

From these experiences we can see the bad impacts from anger.

First you lost the love from people around you, instead they will also hate you or angry at you, creating unending cycle of anger and hatred. And many people realize it too late, they realize when every body dear to them left them, and it’s very hard to bring everything back to what it was before.

Second, what good did you get from anger? NOTHING! As a matter of fact anger and hatred will only shorten your live! You see, from the experiences above, and I’m sure some of you experienced things like that too, so when you hate someone and that someone doesn’t know that you hate them or if they knew and they didn’t respond to your anger, then you’re wasting your energy. You hate them, and you suffer, you mad, you can’t sleep, you’re cursing people, you can’t enjoy peaceful time, etc, and the person you hate enjoying their life as usual, good sleep, happy time, enjoying time, etc. Or even if you take action, say like injured them or kill them, in the end you’ll end up in jail and you ruined your life!!! Isn’t it ridiculous!!!

Third, usually when people angry or hate other people, they’ll blow steam by yelling, throwing things and often destroying their own things. So you’re angry and you destroy your own thing, and sometimes it can be valuable things like cell phones, and many more. In the end after you cool down, you need to buy again those things. It’s only wasting your money.

And at higher level, anger and hatred will only bring war and death to people.
So, stop your anger and hatred! Why choose to live a life of anger and hatred when you can have a life of happiness and peace. It’s only matter of forgiving and controlling your emotion.

World will become a lot more beautiful without anger and hatred.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

Desperate? Suicide?

Few days ago I read the news of the SUV that was set up to blow at Times Square and gratefully the police was able to defuse it before it blew. I cannot imagine what will happen and the impacts if the bomb were to explode. We do not know what waiting for us in the future, so in that case we need to be very aware and very careful all the time, just like the store owner who notice something amiss with the SUV and report it to the police, and maybe if he didn’t notice it, he and other many people would die that night.

Yesterday I just talked with my friend and he told me that last year many people suicide around the world because they cannot bear the economic and financial pressure, fell into despair and eventually commits suicide, especially rich people who suddenly become poor people. It is very interesting that they think by committing suicide all problems are solved. For me actually people who are committing suicide are cowards who do not dare to face their problem and simply run away by ending their lives. In fact, suicide only brings more problems to other people who are close to them, like sadness, funeral cost, etc.

In my opinion, if people have the courage to throw away or ending their lives, then why don’t they use that courage to do something great or start anew, because they already have nothing to lose and who know good thing maybe happen for them. Human actually can do great thing when they are desperate, since they will constantly think with all their ability to find way out from their problem, so why don’t use the gift that they have. Or if they do not want their life anymore, then why don’t they use their lives to help another people for a greater cause or good cause rather than throw away their life meaninglessly.

No matter in what kinds of condition we are in, don’t ever give up. Turn your anger, sadness and desperation into strength, and walk once again and who knows a shining world may wait ahead.

Best Regards,
Sleeping Wiseman