Move on, go forward!!!

I’ve seen a lot of people who spent their time crying, or lamenting, or sulking, or contemplating, or protesting because of what happened to them. Some of them because of losing job, financial problem, and some other because of their loved one die or they just break up, or some other just plain doesn’t satisfy with their life. And eventually some of their friend will tell them to become an optimist person, see the glass with half water in it as half full not half empty. But for me, screw on how they look that glass, rather than telling them to look the glass as half full, I’d told them to get up and fill up that glass until it’s full!

When people get hit by something hard they usually tend to do nothing or even do something negative and useless. They need someone to tell them, to refresh their mind, that crying or lamenting or protesting will not get them anywhere, especially in the case of the death of someone important for them or losing their job, because those acts will not bring the dead to life again or get them back their last job.
They should do something positive, move on with their life, because life and time are very precious so don’t waste it. And I’m sure your loved one, your family and all of good people around you will want you to move on and go forward. Don’t ever give up because of something bad hit you, when you are knocked down, get up and go forward again, no matter how many times it is.

You know what’s better? Try to make that bad experience as a motivation or inspiration for your life to move forward. For example if you lose all of your money, make it a motivation that you will become richer than before and do anything you could, rather than sit and doing nothing but lamenting. Or you can see real example like people whose loved one died because of cancer and they create an organization or make a move to fight cancer so other people will not experience the same loss as them.

Use your life to the fullest as long as you’re still alive, because I’m sure all of us don’t want to find ourselves regretting for what we didn’t do when we have the chance to do it. And remember many great people have experienced heavy blow in their life and yet they can get up and become great people that advancing the world as we know today.

Always get up no matter how many times you’ve been knocked down, and use that as motivation and inspiration to move on, go forward.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman