Harmony Marriage Life

It is February now and next week is Valentine Day. Valentine day usually seen as love day, the day to show our love and affection more to our loved ones and this is not only for people who haven’t married, but also for people who have married.

I see in these days many spouses are fighting or having “cold war” in their house toward each other, which is very sad, and this could lead to divorce. Because of that I want to share a little from my experience on how to making things work in marriage life, so you can enjoy life full of love till the end of times.

First, don’t get mad when your spouse is mad, especially if they are mad at you. Remember don’t fight fire with fire, you can only put down fire with water. So when your spouse mad at you, keep calm, don’t let your emotion get you, wait until your spouse to cool off and then talk to him, then discuss with him to solve the problem. Usually when your spouse mad at you, it’s not always because of you, or your fault, they usually mad because of other things, external factor, maybe like they mad with their boss but they can’t really yell at them right, so they need someone to blow off their steam too. Even if you have big problems keep your head cool, and try to solve it, because there is no problem that cannot be solved when your head is cool. So take it easy, don’t follow your emotion, and keep your head cool.

Second, make time to get together with your spouse periodically and try to rekindle the time when you were girlfriend or boyfriend with your spouse, remembering what makes you love your spouse. Usually people are forgetting this things, and considered this as not important or wasting time, and because you never have your time to get together, your spouse will feel neglected, abandoned, so the fact is get together can boost your relationship with your spouse drastically.

Third, man needs to understand woman better and woman needs to understand man better too. Usually man is more insensitive and woman is more sensitive, and this can make some problems in marriage life. Woman should not talk using hidden message when talk to man, instead they should talk directly what their mean because man is not very good at deciphering hidden message, for example when a woman want to go to vacation don’t talk like this “hey that’s a very beautiful place, and you know you look tired honey” instead talk like this “hey lets go on a vacation, I really want it”. On the other side woman should not feel offended when man talk directly like that, because it’s their nature. Next man don’t really respond well to woman heart talk, they usually respond in short response and simple, as if not have any sympathies, but that’s not true because, again, it’s their nature. For this kind of problem, woman should have close friends to talk to, because they can respond better and understand the problems better, and what’s more usually woman can support each other so they can stay strong.

The last is simple tips from me, try to drink green tea anytime you can, because green tea can calm your nerve, so you can think clearer and also it has a lot of antioxidant so you can always look younger and attractive to your spouse.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman