End of The World !!??

Yesterday, I watched television and shocked by the earthquake news that hit Chile. I said to myself, wow, what’s going on, last month it was Haiti and now Chile, right at the end of February. Is big earthquake going to be monthly event or what. This is horrible, but all in all the victim in Chile far less than in Haiti, hundreds compared to 220,000 for now, something that we should be grateful, since the earthquake that hit Chile was far stronger than the one that hit Haiti.

I just want to say my deepest condolence for Chilean people and let’s pray the death toll stopped and not increasing. 

I remembered that many people use this kind of moment to gain personal advantage or to deceive people. Many people, especially influential person are saying the world will end in 2012, or the end of the world is near, and try to make you and other people believe them and do what they say or to promote some product. But you know what bible say in Mark 13 32"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 33Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come.” So no one in this world knows when the world is going to end, it’s just a complete lie. It’s so sad seeing people fooled by other people, and feel worry for nothing.

I also heard that many priests or great figures do some miracles or have some great vision. In one occasion, I got a brochure that said a great priest has come to the church near my place and he will give a testimony of hell, because he said that God once gave him a vision of hell. And the most interesting thing is that he clearly remembers the writing in hell gate, I forgot what are the writing, but the writing is using English. Really?? I mean really?? Did he just have a dream that he thought as vision? And he is not the only one, there are a lot people do greater miracles or greater vision (like go to heaven, or meet God himself, etc etc). Sadly people who lack of faith and wisdom are easily swayed by them. People shouldn't believe that, because, again, the bible already stated that in Matthew 24 23At that time if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Christ!' or, 'There he is!' do not believe it. 24For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. 25See, I have told you ahead of time.

So now you know the truth, you shouldn’t worry world will end in 2012, or fooled and follow people who admit that have power to miracles as prophet did. 

Just live your live to the fullest, enjoy everything, follow your heart and believe what you believe is right.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

A Book CAN be Judged by Its Cover

It’s been a week, and now is the third week of February. How was your valentine, good? I hope so. Today I write about misconception that people usually make. There’s a saying don’t judge a book by its cover and this was made as a reason for a lot of people who are too lazy to dress up, or don’t care of their appearance. Now I give you reason why a book cover is really important. Enjoy.

People usually say don’t judge a book by its cover or don’t judge a person by its looks, but it’s a human nature to judge something by it looks since in most occasion when we have something new or meet someone new, we see it first before we touch it or hear it. You cannot resist not to judge people by its look, because it happens spontaneously and instantly, for example when you see a person with beard, scars in his or her face, fierce look, and dirty, and then I’m sure most of you will think negative of this person even though this person has a heart of an angel. Or a person with a neat and clean clothes, very polite, and looking good, and then I’m sure most of you will think positive of this person even though for example he is a killer or evil person.

What I want to say is, content or a person personality is really important, but appearance is also as important as the content or personality. Appearance give first impression to other people who look at and first impression is really important. If people already feel and think that a person is bad because of the impression that person give, then people will have trouble to trust that person, especially when that person do a good thing. First impression will stay deep down on the mind of people and even some people unconsciously labeled people as good or bad just from the appearance, because they don’t know really well that person.
Other case that show how important appearance is happen at the job interview. Usually at the job interview, the questioner or employer will look at your appearance first, whether your clothes are neat or not, etc, because it shows who you are and what is your habit. If you appear bad, then surely you have no chance to get a job. A person appearance, from the way of clothing, talking, eating, etc, usually reflect that person personality, sense, and knowledge. 

In conclusion, it’s true that a book shouldn’t judged by its cover but its cover can tell a lot about that book, the same goes for people.

So from today, why don’t all of us recheck our appearance, is it good enough, or not. If not, find a way to improve it, remember to have a good appearance doesn’t mean to spend money, you can do it by dressing neatly, keep your face clean or at least in check, and learn how to appear appropriate in many occasions. Everything will be smooth if people have positive impression on you.

Let’s make people in this world look better. 

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

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Valentine’s Day

First I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it.

Today we are celebrating Valentine’s Day to commemorate love but do we all really know and understand what love is or how to love? Well, there are a lot different answers to this question from different people, but today I want to share my view about love.

Valentine’s day actually created to remember Saint Valentine death because he defended the right of people and also because his love to God. What I can learn from this is he sacrificed his life for something that he loved. So in my view, love is sacrifice, but that doesn’t mean to sacrifice your life. lol

You can know how deep someone loves something by measuring the sacrifice that he made for that something, the bigger the sacrifice, the deeper the love. Sacrifice can come in many ways, like sacrifice of your heart, time, money, energy or everything that you have that you can give to make your loved one happy. But to make everything work, your loved one also have to sacrifice something for you, if not then it means you have one sided love.

So are you ready to sacrifice today??
Make this Valentine’s day more beautiful, by sacrificing some of you more, give your best effort to make this day unforgettable for your loved one.

My Valentine’s day tips

For guys, give something special for your girl, generally women will loved flowers and chocolate, but if you have more money, you can give her jewelry, you know the saying “diamonds are women best friend”

Take her to special place, like the place you have your memory together for example, the place you first time meet, and talk something sweet to reminisce and usually say sincerely I love you forever also work.

After that you can have a dinner in a place you both like, or if you want to have a change, you can go to high class restaurant and order something special, usually they have valentine’s special menu. Have a champagne and don’t forget to hire singer or music player to sing at your table.

And the last don’t forget to hug and kiss (only for 18 years and older). :D

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

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Harmony Marriage Life

It is February now and next week is Valentine Day. Valentine day usually seen as love day, the day to show our love and affection more to our loved ones and this is not only for people who haven’t married, but also for people who have married.

I see in these days many spouses are fighting or having “cold war” in their house toward each other, which is very sad, and this could lead to divorce. Because of that I want to share a little from my experience on how to making things work in marriage life, so you can enjoy life full of love till the end of times.

First, don’t get mad when your spouse is mad, especially if they are mad at you. Remember don’t fight fire with fire, you can only put down fire with water. So when your spouse mad at you, keep calm, don’t let your emotion get you, wait until your spouse to cool off and then talk to him, then discuss with him to solve the problem. Usually when your spouse mad at you, it’s not always because of you, or your fault, they usually mad because of other things, external factor, maybe like they mad with their boss but they can’t really yell at them right, so they need someone to blow off their steam too. Even if you have big problems keep your head cool, and try to solve it, because there is no problem that cannot be solved when your head is cool. So take it easy, don’t follow your emotion, and keep your head cool.

Second, make time to get together with your spouse periodically and try to rekindle the time when you were girlfriend or boyfriend with your spouse, remembering what makes you love your spouse. Usually people are forgetting this things, and considered this as not important or wasting time, and because you never have your time to get together, your spouse will feel neglected, abandoned, so the fact is get together can boost your relationship with your spouse drastically.

Third, man needs to understand woman better and woman needs to understand man better too. Usually man is more insensitive and woman is more sensitive, and this can make some problems in marriage life. Woman should not talk using hidden message when talk to man, instead they should talk directly what their mean because man is not very good at deciphering hidden message, for example when a woman want to go to vacation don’t talk like this “hey that’s a very beautiful place, and you know you look tired honey” instead talk like this “hey lets go on a vacation, I really want it”. On the other side woman should not feel offended when man talk directly like that, because it’s their nature. Next man don’t really respond well to woman heart talk, they usually respond in short response and simple, as if not have any sympathies, but that’s not true because, again, it’s their nature. For this kind of problem, woman should have close friends to talk to, because they can respond better and understand the problems better, and what’s more usually woman can support each other so they can stay strong.

The last is simple tips from me, try to drink green tea anytime you can, because green tea can calm your nerve, so you can think clearer and also it has a lot of antioxidant so you can always look younger and attractive to your spouse.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman