Economic Crisis: bad for business BUT very good for environment and your health

Economic crisis is still happening despite all of the experts and analysts said that we passed the bottom. On the bright side, people are beginning to get their sense back, and economic crisis give a lot greater impact compared to all of green campaigns that have been done all this time.

Maybe you say how do I know? Lately I’ve been watching people around my neighborhood to change. Maybe they don’t realize it that their lifestyle now is very good for environment and their health, since their original motive is to save money.

Things that I see people start to walk or use bicycle to the train or bus station, rather than to use their private car like before, and I saw few weeks ago my neighbor exchanged their 5.7litres SUV with compact sedan, which has much much better mileage. So if millions of people doing like this, then you can count by yourself how many carbon that have been saved, moreover walking or cycling make you move your bodies and burn calories, as a result you become healthier.

Another trend that happening is now people stop window shopping or stop buying something that people actually don’t need. This is very good for environment, so there is less waste or garbage and since less people buy unimportant things then it mean no more wasting resources to create that product. Also people are starting to raise the temperature of their air conditioner few degrees in summer and this mean we have saved a lot of electricity.

People now also more keen in food problem. Before, people often eat in restaurant or fast food chain, since it’s easier and simpler. Now, I see people are starting to eat at home and prepare food from home to save money. This is very good for your health because you can control your calories intake and its more hygiene. From what I see, most of people eat more vegetables and less meat when eat at home or prepare food from home, and again this is good for your health, and also good for your environment. Meat animals actually produce a lot of carbon, one of the research show that one cow produce carbon more than several cars.

Because of this economic crisis we have sacrificed some of our conveniences, but do you feel it that we slowly are starting to adapt with it, and it’s not as hard as we have imagined before since we are getting used to. And as a bonus we are helping our environment and also we get healthier.

Maybe all of this are a warning that the world has given to us to get back to our senses, to appreciate more our bodies and nature.

So let keep it this way, good for nature, good for our health, and soon, I’m sure, economy will get better too.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

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