Helping people that you don't know??

Yesterday I read the news and shocked a little when seeing Hope for Haiti telethon able to raise US$57mil in economy condition like this. There are so many people around the world who care for what happen in Haiti and that is really great, helping other people in need.
But what become my question when people that willing to other people that they don’t know about, is do people help other people who are in need around them? 

I have seen a lot of people who are like to donate when there is disaster happening, but on the other side they don’t care about those in need in their neighborhood or even in their own family. It’s really great that you care about what happen with people that you don’t even know, so if you’re able to do that then why don’t you help people around you who are in need, you can start at first from people who are close with you.

I’ve seen a lot family who able to donate large sum of money but they are not in harmony, fights happen between husband and wife or parents with children. My point is if you have that great affection to those people who you don’t know anything about, then why you don’t give your affection first to your family, to your closest one. After that you can start to care people in need in your neighborhood, like those beggars and people who don’t have anything. There are always people who are in need that around you, but it is your choice whether you want to look it or not. 

Please don’t become a hypocrite person, who always put a smile mask in front but deep down inside all you got is rotten heart.
So help as many people as you can, to make this world a better place.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

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