You Are Who You Are

Another week has passed in 2010, and lots of things have happened. From unending bankruptcy report, waves of people who were laid off, and earthquake that happened in Haiti. Everyday looks worse than before, everything becomes uncertain and spins out of control, but remember everything will be over and all the hardships that we experience today will be like a dream for tomorrow. Keep looking up, never give up, and always look from positive side.

First I want to say my condolences on what happened in Haiti, let’s give a moment to pray for what happened there and may people at Haiti can be given the strength to face all of this. And may this disaster can make us realize how fortunate we are, and give us another reason to give thanks to HIM.

This week in the office when I was enjoying some romantic songs, a coworker of mine stopped by my room and said harshly that I’m sissy, because real man should hear rock or heavy metal music, not some soft music. It comes to my mind how many times I already experienced things like this, and I’m sure all of you also have experienced things like this more than once.

Situation like this happen the most at senior or university age based on my experience. In my experience they usually ask you to smoke cigarette or worse weeds, free sex, use drugs, or speeding. When other people try to make you to like or do something and you don’t do it or like it they will call you coward, sissy, or other rude things. But for me, people who are calling other person coward, sissy, etc like that are actually the one who is sissy, coward, or etc just like what they said.

People, who can resist, say no to all of that, and stay true to themselves, are actually the real great people. The reasons are simple. First, when you say no, you are proving that you are strong enough to be yourself, not what other people tell you, and not to lose your identity, on the contrary the one who are weak actually is them because they can’t resist, and easily swayed. Remember, great people in the world don’t do what other people said, but they tell other people what to do. Second, usually people who force you are always in a group or member of a group, it shows that they’re actually insecure, afraid to be left or alone, and worse they are nothing as an individual, but you, who resist, you show that you’re far better than them, you have a strong heart. And the last, people who can resist will become a successful person or a leader and on the contrary people who can always follow other people will be at the bottom forever.


Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

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