You Reap What You Sow

Few days ago in the train I heard other people were talking about Tiger Wood, they said that they think Tiger Wood is a great person until the news told us different story. So today I want to talk about think before you act, and in this case Tiger Wood can be a perfect example.

In my view, I think everyone should think as many times as possible before they make decision in their life, and don’t let your emotion or feeling cloud your judgment on your decision making, instead use your logic and science to do decision making since it’s more reliable. But in real life, it’s very hard to do, most of the time we usually follow our emotion or feeling to decide something. So to be more logical or scientific in decision making I suggest you to be patient, don’t be hasty in making decision unless it’s in emergency condition, because usually we need some time for our to emotion cool off and we can think clearer, next take all the time you need, make sure your decision is the best for you.  This way we can reduce the risk of making wrong decision greatly.

Other important thing to mind is that we need to train our self control. Self control is very important, especially if you’re are an important person like public figure, because the more success you are, the more temptations you will get and you will need to resist most of it. Most of us, again, have a very weak self control, making us easy to be tempted and fall into something wrong, because evil is lurking around our shadow, waiting us to show our weakness and prey as there is an opening. Usually when we did something wrong, we didn’t directly affected by it, instead the impact happen later in the future, when we unaware, a strike from the back. So how we can improve our self control and fight all those temptations? Well, the simple way is plant on your mind that everything bad you do will surely destroy your future, and also thinks what will happen to your spouse, children, families and friends who trusted you so much. Just like Tiger Wood case, before the scandal he has a good life, $100mill per year only from endorsement and much more, happy family, good public image, but all of that vanished in the blink of an eye, and soon after that trouble keep coming one after another. In the end now he got nothing, no endorsement, broken family, and not only that, he also makes the stock price of the company which endorsed him falls, so this is like a chain reaction.

One last thing, do NOT ever think you can outsmart the evil, it’s better to stay away as far as you can, don’t give any opening in your life. 

Remember you can hide rotten thing, but sooner or later people will sniff out the scent, because you can’t hide the scent.

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman

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