Branded Stuffs???

Nowadays people, especially who live in big cities, like to buy branded stuffs. Women usually like to buy branded fashion, like clothes, bags, etc. And men usually like to buy gadgets and cars. Most of them think that branded can raise their social status, make them look better, cooler and richer.

Last week I notice my woman work friend brought another new branded bag from famous designer, that day when we chatted, she told me that her new bag price was more than $1500. Of course at that moment I was shocked, not because the price, but rather because her financial condition. Considering she doesn’t have her own house, and still rent an apartment. Moreover she bought it on credit, so she needs to pay the installment every month. And I notice that there are a lot of people who like to buy branded stuff when their financial condition doesn’t allow them or when they simply can’t afford it. Even some of them goes as far as renting those expensive stuffs because they really really can’t afford it.

The question is, is it really worth it to buy branded stuffs or other stuffs that you don’t need when you can’t really afford it?

Let’s look from other point of view. It’s true that branded stuffs can make them happy for this moment, and also they will look like a rich people, but will those branded stuffs can help you through your future or help you when you have hard times? NO. When the hard times come, those branded stuffs cannot do anything to help you. And when you think you want to sell it, those branded stuffs like fashion, gadgets, cars, second hand price is far below from the new price and declining as the time goes, moreover branded stuffs like that always change models in short time and when new model comes out, the old one price is freefalling.

Second, Can branded stuffs give happiness in the long run? NO. For example my friend above, she use most of his money to buy branded stuffs and she still doesn’t have house. What will happen when she keeps going on like this, and in the future when she can’t work anymore or get laid off, because we don’t know what’s waiting for us in the future, and she still doesn’t have a place to live. I’m sure that she and everyone will not happy when we don’t have a place to live. And I think when she keeps buying stuffs like that; she will have a huge debt waiting for her in the future. Living a live full of debt is not a happy life. So people need to prioritize what they need the most for the long run happiness.

Third, can people look up to a person who doesn’t use branded stuffs? YES. People will appreciate you as long you dressed neat, nice and chic, no need for branded stuffs. And moreover many rich people and celebrities who like to dress casually, not using branded stuffs, and people still look up to them, because they know who they really are.

What makes people appreciated by other people is actually their personality not their stuffs. Friends that people get when they use branded stuffs is not true friend, they only interested in your stuffs, not you as a person. When you don’t have anything, they will leave you.

For illustration, when you cover garbage with gold, that’s still garbage inside it when you remove the gold, it cannot be changed, but if gold covered by garbage, it’s still gold inside it.

So think about this, and choose wisely. Your life and your future are in your own hand. ;D 

Best Regards
Sleeping Wiseman


Mr Lonely said...

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Erika said...

I got a really pretty dress, for like 10 dollars and everyone liked it. I think its lame to buy things that are pricey when you could find something way better for less than 100 dollars.

Filipa said...

I totally agree with you.
I don't have a lot of money, and I live in a rent house, but I also don't buy expensive things.
I almost don't go shopping and, when I do, I try to don't spend a lot.
I don't think I have to wear expensive clothing to look good and to people notice me. If you shine inside, it's going to show for everyone to see.
Just be a good person, with real friends and a supporting and loving family that you're going to be happy and people are going to like you.

Sleeping Wiseman said...

@Erika : Yes, you don't need branded and expensive stuff to be beautiful. :D

@Filipa : I agree, what's inside is more important than what' outside. ;D