It's Fall season now!!

It’s October and it’s fall season now. There is one thing that I love from fall season that is the fall foliage, seeing the trees turn into yellowish orange and red color and then falling to the ground. It’s such beautiful scenery. I hope all of you can enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it.

During my trip in Alaska, I learned many interesting thing. When I first arrived, my guide told me that people in Alaska only enjoy 3 month of summer and the rest of the year is winter, where the cities would be covered by snow and the temperature drop. And usually businesses are only running at summer, so in winter the activity is really low. What came to my mind is how people can live here and why do they live here, isn’t better for them just move to better place? Then I started to ask those questions to some local people in every city that I visited in my trip.

Their answer to my question is amazed me. Everyone that I asked answered that they’re happy with their life. They said they already live there for their whole life. They have everything their need and they used to it. And some of them answered they’re lucky because they can enjoy nature and wildlife everyday. They also told me that in winter they usually do some small activity for local people or just gathering in someone house having a drink and tell story. I was really amazed on how they live their life there. They enjoyed it even though there are no shopping centers, no supermarkets, no electronic stores, no fast foods joint, no cinemas, etc. Alaska is only one example, because I know that there are many places in this world that’s just like this or worse, but people managed to still live there happily.

Now come to think of it, I’m thinking that people who live in the city should be much happier with their life, since they have all kind of convenient in their life and not to mention better weather. But in fact, many people who live in the city don’t happy with their life. I often see stress people in the city, people mad about some trivial things, like caught in a traffic jam and people starts cursing, whining, throwing tantrum. So what’s wrong? Is the city not good enough? No.

The matter is people are too busy looking and scrutiny at the negative things and can’t see the good things in life. People need to look at the positive points. Why people who don’t have kind of conveniences like we do can be happy and we can’t? It’s all about one’s life view. Happiness and self content is what you create by yourself. I learned from this that even if you don’t have anything if you can think positive and self-satisfied, you can be happy. We should be grateful that we have so many conveniences within our reach. One more thing is that we should be grateful that we live in a place where the weather is good, where we can experience all things just in the right amount, not too long and not too short.

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Anonymous said...

I must just say you blogg is awesome! You writes really good!! :D I'm a fan of you blogg or something ehe. I'm from Norway and I love the nature here ^^ I love the forest and the snow.

Sleeping Wiseman said...

Thank you very much... I really appreciate it... XD
Btw Norway is really beautiful at winter and sometimes you can see Aurora there... :D