Practice What You Preach

Hi, it’s been quite a long time since my last post – as usual, my schedule is full last month. Many people thought that I stopped writing this blog but no. I will not stop writing blog. :)

By the way it’s December now and I can feel the holiday festivities are starting everywhere.

Last month I met friends of my friend. There’s bit of misunderstanding since we’re all new to each other. I like to joke by nature and I do it most of the times, but it seemed these friends of my friend didn’t know it. So it all started when we were in the car and on our way we saw a young man driving really nice car. I was amazed and said wow, that’s cool, I wanna be like that. I said it without any intention, it just spontaneous commentary. Then my new friends suddenly told me that I shouldn’t envy that man and I should be grateful with everything I got and I need to look there are many people who are in worse condition than us. I was speechless at that moment. Then he asked me again what I like the most in this world and I said money in a joking way. Then he and the other friends of my friends lecturing me about greed and evolved pretty much to everything else that happened in the world (corrupted people, economic crisis, etc) all the way until I got home. I was lost of words, they’re so serious. At that time I really thought that they’re a great person judging from the way they talk – or lecture me - about righteousness and humanity.

The next day at work I talked with my friend asking about his friends from yesterday, about their life and something like that. It turned out my friends answers was shocking. My friend told me that his friends from last night were actually as good as I expected. He told me, few months ago his friend company raised several employees wage but unfortunately his friend wasn’t included. Based from his talk last night, he should still be grateful since he still has a job and many people out there were starving right? My friend asked me. But instead of grateful he went to the director office and protested the director because they didn’t raise his wage then the director angry and cut his wage. My friend told me that his friend often gets angry. And there’s still many unpleasant things about him my friend told me.

We often meet people like this in our life. They talks – and sometime criticize – other people really bad then make themselves sound right and better than anybody but in their real life they are actually no better than the people they talk or criticize. And in some case when people talk or criticize them back they will get really angry. What’s with the attitude? They can talk or criticize other people but they don’t want to be talked or criticized themselves. It seemed they think they are they’re perfect.

That’s just not right in my opinion. People should reflect on their own lives before talking or moreover criticizing other people. Don’t just scrutinizing on other people small flaws while they themselves have a lot bigger flaws. It’s shameful and it’s make them look like a hypocrite. What worse are other people will ignore what they say and started gossiping about them behind their back.

Instead of talking and criticizing, what they need to do first is to change their lives become better and set example for other people. For a start they can change themselves first by try to change any lack they could think of themselves. Then ask other people what bad point they see in them and try to change it. Of course it can’t be done overnight, it takes time and perseverance to change yourself. But remember act is louder than words. This way when they advise other people, people will hear them and look up to them. Another thing to think before they talk or criticize other people is they should really learn about that people because, who knows, that people can be a lot better than them. Think before speak, like a saying you better fast in thinking but slow to talk.

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Best Regards,
Sleeping Wiseman

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